Hi, I'm Alex.

Shortcuts, tips and stories discovered over 20 years of technology leadership.

I'm currently working with the team at MDRx

  • Alex

    Chief Technology and Product Officer


    Technology should be delightful, it makes lives easier. When done right it enables us to achieve the previously impossible, to be more efficient or reach new heights but whatever the the objective, when delivered well we are all left with a positive emotional response of delight. If the engineers have really done a good job that delight might even be such that we tell our friends, sharing the delight of our discovery, thats how great technology gets adopted.

    Conversely, done wrong its frustrating, really really frustrating, theres a special place in our hearts for the kind of rage we reserve for technology when it doesn't work as expected, apart from the technology induced red mist, but the very technology designed to aid us often prevents us from 'going back to manual'.

    Over the years I've been working with technology teams, I have noticed another occasion when we commonly receive the same feeling of delight, the feeling a team gets when they collectively achieve hard things. When high performing teams, work together to achieve great things we share in our success, it feels great. I hope you've all had a chance to work on a 'dream team', its an amazing feeling.

    I've found that unfortunately many organisations that are in the business of building technology products aren't optimised to create delight either for their customer or their teams. Theres lots of reasons technology and product delivery teams might have lost their way but there are a set of common challenges, surfacing as themes across technology delivery, culture, Product management and data. Sometimes its related to people, sometimes its related more to processes (incorrect, inefficient or just awol)

    I've helped to fix many of these challenges in multiple organisations, and like the famous dog from the 80s TV show 'The littlest Hobo' My goal is to try and be where I'm needed, where I can provide the minimal amount of help to get things back on track before leaving the team celebrating their success. Sometimes thats just a one to one, sometimes it takes a little more. I like to start with a chat. No obligation, chatham house rules, and if I cant help I might be able to put you in touch with someone that can.